World’s first Raytec lighting integration with Milestone VMS


VARIO IP Milestone IntegrationRaytec is delighted to announce its integration with Milestone’s XProtect video management system. Their new range of VARIO IP network illuminators is the first range of CCTV illuminators in the world ever to be integrated into a video management system.

The new integration allows the highest level of flexibility, management and control over your lighting in conjunction with all other network technologies in your security system, from one central platform.

The integration is made possible via Raytec Milestone plug-in software, available free of charge from the Raytec website via online request form.

Controlled individually or in groups, Raytec network illuminators can be easily configured using the Milestone Management Application, to create a smart system designed to provide event driven lighting triggered by alarms from a camera, detector or other network device. Such illumination on demand e.g. on detection of a subject, is highly effective at deterring crime and reducing the system’s running cost and environmental impact. The same illuminator can also provide a safe and well lit area for pedestrians or workers.

Users can also take instant manual control of any single illuminator or group of illuminators using the Milestone Smart Client, during day to day operation. Advanced settings allow for user defined lighting design to meet the requirements of any installation. Settings include:

  • Individual or group control
  • Configure event driven lighting triggered via alarm from 3rd party devices
  • Override and take instant manual control of lighting at any time
  • Power control: 20-100%
  • Boost: 120% power for 10 seconds
  • Deterrent feature with selectable patterns and speeds
  • Advanced timer functions
  • Assign illuminator name, group name
  • Utilise illuminator auxiliary output to trigger 3rd party devices

For more information and to request the Raytec Milestone Plug-in, click here.


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