Velodyne’s XPONENTIAL Showcase


Velodyne Lidar has announced it will demonstrate its lidar sensors and software at XPONENTIAL 2022 in Orlando from April 26 to 28 – booth #2149. Velodyne will highlight how its lidar technology powers autonomous solutions in robotics, industrial, trucking and more that are advancing safety, sustainability, efficiency and equity on a global scale.

Supply chain capacity issues, roadway congestion, safety concerns and labor shortages are driving autonomous system deployments.

At XPONENTIAL, Velodyne will display its Velarray M1600, Puck and Ultra Puck sensors as well as show the Vella Development Kit which allows customers to plug in Velodyne’s lidar with an off-the-shelf library of perception software functions, fast tracking their solution development for ever-evolving applications.

Attendees can view an augmented reality (AR) demonstration to experience how Velodyne’s M1600 sensors perceive the world. Additionally, Velodyne will be joined by Clearpath Robotics, which will showcase its Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicle, powered by Velodyne’s Puck.

“XPONENTIAL attendees can see how Velodyne’s sensor and software portfolio is shaping the wave of autonomous solution commercialization taking place in the industrial, robotics and automotive sectors,” said Sally Frykman, Chief Marketing Officer, Velodyne Lidar. “Now more than ever before, we live in a world in motion. To keep pace, industries are deploying smarter technology. Companies can rely on our lidar-based solutions to help their automated systems transform lives and make communities safer.”

At the XPONENTIAL conference, Christina Aizcorbe, Velodyne’s Vice President of Government Affairs, will speak on a panel on the commercialization of automated trucking. Mrs. Aizcorbe will discuss how current automated trucking deployments are not just proving out a theoretical concept. They are bringing critical and credible real-world data which will support expansion, making the benefits that will come with commercialization very real to U.S. consumers. Innovation in freight and cargo movement will also spur economic growth well beyond trucking.

The session, called “What Does the Commercialization of Automated Trucking Look Like? – Part 2,” takes place on April 25 from 2:50 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. EDT at Room S330A/B.

“We are seeing rapid growth in automation across other parts of the supply chain, like the use of the same advanced sensing technologies used in automated driving systems to improve efficiency in warehouse and logistics operations, and port automation. Lidar technology is essential to ensuring sensor redundancy and around the clock safe performance of these systems,” said Mrs. Aizcorbe.


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