UTS’s Human-centric Artificial Intelligence Centre


The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has officially launched the Human-centric Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Centre in partnership with innovation leader, GrapheneX.

The GrapheneX-UTS HAI Centre was established to undertake research on human-centric AI technology to enable true human and AI teaming. It will focus on trustworthy human-AI teaming, spontaneous swarm intelligence, and natural brain-computer interfaces.

CT Lin, Distinguished Professor of the UTS School of Computer Science & Australian AI Institute and Director of GrapheneX-UTS Human-centric AI Centre, said the Centre will build models that expand and complement humans and AI.

“These models will maximise adaptiveness and spontaneous cooperation between humans and AI. Most importantly, we will make sure these models can be trusted by users by making the AI decision-reasoning process transparent to humans,” said Distinguished Professor Lin.

GrapheneX and UTS are collaboratively establishing a cutting-edge research and innovation hub, prioritising ethics, values, and humanity at the core of the AI revolution. This transformation is poised to reshape a century of innovation and is frequently referred to as the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

The launch also featured an expert AI panel including Distinguished ProfessorJie Lu, Director of the UTS Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Eva Taase, Managing Director, She Loves Data, Joff Outlaw, Managing Director, DesignIt, and UTS Distinguished Professor Dikai Lu.

Stephen Wee, Founder and Director of GrapheneX, said the goal of the Centre is to foster top-tier expertise, guaranteeing that students and researchers excel in human-centric AI and are accessible for partnerships with the industry.

“We are contributing to building capacity by introducing graduates as experts into the workforce and addressing the anticipated substantial demand for continuous talent in the field.

“Crucially, the HAI Centre serves as a hub where we ensure that the solutions we provide, place humanity at the core of both the process and the result. Our aim is to contribute to shaping a responsible future in which AI not only comprehends and empathises with us but also learns from us,” said Mr Wee.

The Centre was officially opened by the NSW Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Hon. Anoulack Chanthivong.

“It’s a great pleasure to help launch the HAI Centre, the latest addition to the expanding strength of Artificial Intelligence in this state. I’m excited by the possibilities AI holds, and I’m confident that through initiatives like this we can develop it in a way that delivers for people in NSW.”

The Centre will kick off with research and collaboration, but its core objective is to provide solutions that address tangible problems and generate commercial opportunities both in Australia and on a global scale.

“We find ourselves in a world where AI is rapidly reshaping industry and society, with innovative partnerships like the HAI Centre at the forefront of this frontier,” said Professor Kate McGrath, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

“Together, UTS and GrapheneX are committed to driving forward advancements in technology that will lead to a more sustainable future, improve lives and support productivity.”


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