US Department of Commerce Clears Mesmer for Export Outside the US



  • Opens up international markets and enables order pipeline fulfilment
  • EAR99 Classification for MESMER Version 1.0 Counter-Drone Solution allows Export of MESMER Software from US to all Countries except 5 Without BIS License
  • EAR99 confirms Non-Jamming Counter Drone Solution
  • Mesmer is the only US Counter Drone Solution with an export clearance of EAR 99

department13_logoDepartment 13 was informed by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) that its flagship counter-drone product, MESMER Version 1.0 (“MESMER”), has been classified by BIS as EAR99. An EAR99 designation allows an item to be exported from the United States without any BIS license (referred to as “No License Required”) to all but a few restricted countries. Importantly, the BIS classification confirms that MESMER is a non-jamming product which will enhance the overall marketability and opportunities for commercial implementation of the solution.

Jonathan Hunter, CEO of Department 13, said;

We could not be happier with the receipt of EAR99 classification for MESMER, as it is a significant advantage, as it allows us to legally begin the process of exporting the MESMER software from the U.S. to other countries. A number of international Tier One customers have already begun commercial trials and several demonstrations and events are already scheduled in New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the U.S. with potential customers in police, defense and security organizations. We look forward to marketing MESMER on a global basis through our strategic partners, which include Booz Allen Hamilton in the United States, EPE in Australasia, and Phoenix Group in Latin America.”

A primary mission of BIS is the accurate, consistent and timely evaluation and processing of licenses for proposed exports and re-exports of goods and technology from the U.S. BIS’ objective is to protect U.S. national security, foreign policy and economic interests without imposing undue regulatory burdens on legitimate international trade.

The only restriction to an EAR99 designation is that such items cannot be exported or re-exported to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria or North Korea, and no license is available for those destinations. In addition, such items cannot be used for any prohibited end-use, or exported, re-exported or transferred to any party on any U.S. restricted party list, such as those maintained by BIS and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).


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