Ultra Electronics to launch EnergyGuard in the Middle East at the ICS Cyber Security Forum hosted by aeCERT


Ultra Electronics announced today that it will be launching its new generation SCADA protection solution, EnergyGuard, at October’s Oil & Gas ICS Cyber Security Forum.  Nigel Mackie, Ultra Group’s Cyber Security Director, making this announcement, said: “SCADA is where cyber security meets the physical world.  EnergyGuard is designed to protect the devices at the critical edge of the network interfacing with the real world.  It acts as a personal bodyguard, providing defence-in-depth protection from cyber (including network) and physical attack.  It does this by integrating a number of discrete protection mechanisms to assure regulated access and communication with the more vulnerable and critical control and monitoring devices.”

Developed by Ultra’s 3eTI business, EnergyGuard’s cyber security capabilities have been evaluated within the National SCADA Test bed sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security and operated by the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory.  EnergyGuard has been in use by the US Department of Defense for the past 3 years.

This Oil and Gas ICS Cyber Security Forum has been called at a time when not only is it reported that due to international ongoing energy demands, the Global Automation Market in Oil & Gas is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9 % up to 2016, but also ICS –CERT have registered more attacks on internet-based SCADA systems this year to date than in the previous 12 months. The Forum is supported by no less than 50  international organisations and will serve to provide practical solutions to the enterprise security concerns that run alongside the  desire to have real time management information to improve efficiency and productivity across the Oil and Gas supply chain , particularly when SCADA and other ICS systems are incorporated in the enterprise information mix.


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