U.S. Navy video release: BALTOPS amphibious landing exercise


The U.S. Navy is releasing video depicting the amphibious landing exercise in Sweden. This video sequence (4:09 TRT) includes scenes shot from a remote controlled aerial camera (no audio) as well as beach assault scenes (audio). Comments by Vice Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander of U.S. 6th Fleet are at the end of the video.

RAVLUNDA, Sweden (June 13, 2015) A combined landing force from Finnish, Swedish, United Kingdom and United States Marines disembark from Polish, UK and U.S. amphibious ships to conduct an amphibious landing rehearsal during BALTOPS 2015, June 13. Vice Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander of U.S. 6th Fleet, provides comments about the exercise at the end of the video  (NATO TV video/Released)
YouTube:  http://youtu.be/Kz3USGPvy0I

Five thousand six hundred air, maritime and ground forces are taking part in a multinational maritime exercise. It’s the 43rd iteration of BALTOPS 2015 in Poland, Sweden, Germany and throughout the Baltic Sea. The exercise is designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability, as well as demonstrate the resolve of allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region. A total of 49 ships, 61 aircraft, one submarine and a combined landing force of 700 Swedish, Finnish, UK and US troops are participating from 17 NATO nations and partner nations. For more info:  http://cne-cna-c6f.dodlive.mil/baltops-2015-to-kick-off-on-friday/


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