TeamViewer 14 launches pioneering Augmented Reality remote assistance in Australia & NZ

  • AR remote assistance with TeamViewer Pilot set to revolutionise remote support for industry, business, and private use

TeamViewer has announced the immediate availability of TeamViewer 14.

Testing is complete with TeamViewer’s newest flagship solution immediately available for use in production environments.

You can watch a short video demonstration here:

TeamViewer 14 enables staff, customers, friends or family to share their smartphone’s camera view and receive step-by-step remote assistance with common tasks such as trouble shooting, problem resolution, and product setup.

Using AR annotations over the real world camera image, users can see the problem and make it easier for the person on-site to address the issue via on-screen drawings and diagrams and tagged objects.

“With TeamViewer 14 we have expanded beyond IT support and can now provide remote assistance for work and training in any use case scenario and industry,” Mr Konstanin Ebert, TeamViewer’s Vice President of Sales in APAC, said.

“Many new features and performance improvements above and under the hood of TeamViewer 14 underscore our role as global industry frontrunner. The new version offers a compelling combination of breakthrough AR, accelerated performance, and boosted productivity.”

Breakthrough Augmented Reality with TeamViewer

TeamViewer 14 offers productive AR experiences for anyone needing assistance for any kind of equipment, machinery, or infrastructure problem.

TeamViewer 14 can be used in a wide range of industries to ensure on-site technicians have the training
and know-how they need to fix issues in the field.

At the same time, TeamViewer 14’s AR capability can help mechanics reduce downtime by repairing
devices on the shop floor when breakdowns occur.

Accelerated Performance

Better Performance for Low Bandwidths
TeamViewer 14 improves speed and reliability for users running on connections with less than 1 Mbit/s
due to smart adaptive compression that auto-detects low bandwidth and adjusts compression.

Optimized for Performance on macOS Mojave
TeamViewer 14 uses the latest macOS Mojave technologies. With improved image quality and
intelligent resource allocation, TeamViewer provides you with the most innovative and powerful
remote assistance solution for macOS on the market.

Streamlined Server Infrastructure & Improved Connection Quality
TeamViewer has expanded its network infrastructure worldwide to increase performance while also
laying the foundation for future growth. When starting TeamViewer, users now connect to the fastest
server available in order to experience the best connection quality.

Boosted Productivity

One-Click Remote Script Execution
Users may now use scripts to automate recurring processes and save time on routine tasks. Scripts can
be uploaded and saved within a drop-down menu within the Management Console for convenient
access during each session. Watch the video here.

Advanced Device Grouping & Custom Device Information (Premium/Corporate)
TeamViewer 14 offers company admins the possibility to pre-define attributes of managed devices and
to easily group them based on this information in order to facilitate inventory management. Watch the
video here.

Increased Customer Support Accessibility (Premium/Corporate)
TeamViewer users can now make their service even more accessible to their customers by giving them
the ability to create a service camp ticket within the Quick Support module, even if the supporter is
offline. Watch the video here.

New Client Design & Dark Mode for Windows, Linux, and Mac
A new dark user interface for Mac, Linux, and Windows is more eye-friendly and helps users tailor the
software to their needs and any environment. Watch the video here.

New iOS Screen Sharing Workflow
TeamViewer 14 now allows iOS users to start screen sharing by the click of a button in the
QuickSupport chat. Watch the video here.


Trusted Device Management
Company admins now can keep track of all devices and IP addresses that users have trusted as well as
view all the company’s trusted devices at once in order to inspect and easily remove permissions for
maximum security. Watch the video here.

Detailed descriptions of the new TeamViewer 14 functionalities as well as a link to download for Windows,
Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices can be found at As
always, for personal use in a non-commercial environment, TeamViewer 14 is free to use. For commercial
and corporate use, TeamViewer offers different plans tailored to meet the specific needs of small to large
companies. More information can be found at

About TeamViewer
A global connectivity powerhouse, TeamViewer empowers users to connect anything, anywhere, anytime.
Its market-leading solutions offer secure remote access, support, control and collaboration capabilities for
online endpoints of any kind. By innovating with cutting-edge yet easy-to-deploy Augmented Reality (AR)
and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, the company enables businesses of all sizes to tap into their
full digital potential. TeamViewer has been activated on more than 1.8 billion devices and serves at least 40
million concurrent connections at any time. Founded in 2005, the company employs more than 700 people
in offices across Germany, the United States, Armenia, Australia, Japan and India. For more information, go


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