TDSi Launches New EXgarde 4.4 Version of its Integrated Security Software Solution


TDSi LogoIntegrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of EXgarde 4.4, the latest version of its fully integrated access control solution. Amongst the additions to the new version, 4.4 offers a Tenant Event Split option, Elevator Dispatch facility, integration with SimonsVoss wireless locking solutions, an updated EXtour Module, a security tours function and the new EXgarde Web Interface.

EXgarde 4.4 adds considerable additional functionality, as Mike Sussman, Technical Director at TDSi explains, “Whilst EXgarde 4.4 shares many functions of previous versions, this latest version has been designed to incorporate a wide array of new features which add useful additional value to what is already a heavily feature-rich and comprehensive security solution.”

Mike continues, “The new features are designed for a myriad of uses, from giving landlords greater control over access rights, to ensuring lift systems work in conjunction with access control through IP connectivity. Equally, we have included full integration with SimonsVoss wireless locking systems for improved flexibility and scope of installation, updated the EXtour module to assist security teams with their scheduled tours and designed a web interface which will give greater flexibility as to where security operators use and manage EXgarde.”

Tenant Event Split

EXgarde 4.4 allows landlords to partition visibility of system and operator events according to the tenant using them. For example, if EXgarde is overseeing a number of different facilities it will be preferable that tenants are not privy to the details of other sites or properties – so landlords can specify the access and information rights allotted to the user.

Elevator Dispatch

This function is designed to speed up travel and ease congestion in high traffic buildings. When a keyholder enters the access controlled area through the entrance/turnstile EXgarde informs the elevator system which then calculates the quickest elevator route to their destination floor and notifies and guides them automatically.

SimonsVoss Integration

The new version of EXgarde features full integration with the SimonsVoss SmartIntego Online locking solutions. When used in conjunction with TDSi’s core systems, this allows greater flexibility in remote areas where access control may be more difficult to implement.

Extour Module update

EXgarde PRO’s Extour Module update provides the facility to pre-define specific security tours using existing access control readers. Each specified tour defines the order in which the readers should be visited, along with the set time they should be checked. Alarms in EXtour indicate in real time if specific tour points have not been reached, alerting operators to a potential emergency.

EXgarde Web Interface

TDSi’s new web interface allows security operators/users to log into the server via their chosen web browser. This allows access to key functionality, such as adding and removing keyholders and keys, remote door control, basic reporting and live event monitoring.

EXgarde 4.4 is available in three options to match the applications of the operator/user:

  • EXgarde Express – The entry level version designed for a single site and up to 32 doors with limited features
  • EXgarde PRO – The advanced level feature-rich version which is multi-site compatible and can control up to 32 doors. An upgrade to unlimited is also available
  • EXgarde Enterprise – The unlimited door version designed for enterprise-level operations.

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