Sweet DRIEMS from Fresnels offers new packaging visions


A new fully recyclable print substrate, which allows brand owners and designers to create eye-catching luxury packaging concepts, has been launched by international suppliers, Fresnels Innovations Ltd.

Featuring advanced proprietary 3D imagery and plastic free cardboard, DRIEMS™ (digital, registered image, eco, metallic, secure) can be used as the centrepiece of a brand strategy build around sophisticated, elegant and impactful packaging concepts. This enables consumer and luxury goods manufacturers to enhance product shelf appeal and add value to the retail experience. (See Fig. 1)

The technology is manufactured from sustainable materials for improved levels of recyclability and is odourless with a low VOC level to ensure compliance with the production of cigarette cartons among other demanding packaging applications.

Featuring bespoke registered imagery, the DRIEMS material, whichcan be applied by brand owners, printers and converters using standard print and converting techniques,is also digitally mastered at high resolution to deliver improved resistance against piracy and counterfeiting threats.

Incorporating a host of embedded overt and forensic government grade law enforcement and security features, DRIEMS can be utilised easily as an effective weapon in the battle against counterfeiting as well as a beneficial device in checking the distribution and smuggling of illicit products in the global supply chain.

This facilitates rapidvisual authentication in the product manufacturing and distribution chain, while held lenses can be adopted for covert inspection, or a laboratory used for the more advanced forensic examination required for litigation purpose.

Cellini technology can be applied to folding cartons produced from DRIEMS, providing an appealing and cost-effective option for delivering 3D tactile imagery to packaging without the use of expensive laminates.Packaging produced using Cellini imagery is fully recyclable, enhancing its appeal as an environmentally friendly option in luxury packaging applications. (See Fig 2).

Manufactured as continuous rolls of transfer film, DRIEMS can be delivered to laminators as master rolls for transference to the paper board of their choice, offering flexibility and versatility in the production process – the sheeted material is manufactured with the individual images placed within the sheet to a high degree of accuracy as required by subsequent print and die cutting processes.It can also be delivered as print ready sheets optimised for use on sheet fed machines such as Heidelberg, Komori, Man Roland and GBA.

Dr Glenn Wood, Fresnels Inc. COO, said: “DRIEMS offers another level of packaging design sophistication and visual impact due to 3D Cellini imagery, opening up new possibilities for ever more inventive and creative luxury packaging solutions.

“It’s plastic-free, fully recyclable and affordable with a built-in print enhancement technology that is so stunning that it doesn’t even require the print, but enhancement using print is even better. Now brand owners can imagine the folding carton they always wanted – sweet dreams.” (See Fig 3).

Fresnels Innovations Ltd is part of Fresnel Inc., a privately funded company, led by technology providers with over 100 years of combined expertise in the commercial development of optical microstructures. Its technology is supported by customer services, technological excellence and experience in relationship building in key markets. More at http://www.fresnelsinc.com


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