simPRO takes on world with new job management system


SimPro LogoAussie cloud technology firm simPRO Software has a new weapon to drive its global expansion with the launch of a streamlined, low cost job management system for businesses in the field services industry.

The newly-released simPRO Service product is a streamlined version of simPRO’s industry-standard business management system simPRO Enterprise, which already has more than 20,000 users worldwide.

The software is targeted at field service businesses like plumbers and electricians and allows them to more easily manage a host of core functions including quoting, job management and invoicing. Many operational and administrative functions that previously required numerous people and mountains of paperwork can now be done easily and seamlessly in the field on a tablet.

simPro Service, which took five years to develop, has been made possible because of a complete overhaul and recoding of simPRO’s existing job management system, Enterprise, which dominates the Australian market.

simPRO CEO Brad Couper said simPRO Service would dramatically expand the range of companies who could take advantage of cloud-based business systematisation to help their business grow.

“simPRO is already the leading provider of software for field services firms in Australia with more than 20,000 users and we believe this new product, combined with our expanding presence on the ground in the US, UK and New Zealand, positions us to establish ourselves as world leaders in this sector,” Mr Couper said.

“With the launch of simPRO Service there will be no field services business in the developed world too small, or too large, to use simPRO.”

Over the last two years, simPRO has built a significant presence in New Zealand and the UK and is currently establishing a United States office in Los Angeles.

The newly-released simPRO Service is a streamlined version of simPRO’s industry-standard job management system Enterprise, which has been fully updated and is about to be released in Version 12.

While the decade-old simPRO Enterprise system can support businesses doing complex multi-day projects and scheduled maintenance, simPRO Service is designed for firms doing straightforward repairs or simple installations known in Australia as “do-and-charge” jobs, or “time-and-materials” in the US.

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Mr Couper said simPRO Service was an affordable and easy way for businesses to embark on business systematisation while having the ability to be upgraded to simPRO Enterprise with the flick of a switch, saving a business the effort and cost of changing systems.

Despite being aimed at businesses doing straightforward jobs, simPRO Service is still more feature rich than its competition and includes full stock control scheduling, invoicing, reporting and quoting functions. It is suitable for larger companies with hundreds of technicians, provided they stick with “do-and-charge” style work.

When a business starts doing larger projects, it can turn on more sophisticated functions such as Projects and Asset Maintenance Planning, without needing to import new data. Staff can maintain the same log-ins and the same access settings.

Mr Couper said the overhaul of simPRO’s code base and global infrastructure meant Enterprise users would soon also benefit with significantly increased speed.

Enterprise is designed to be an all-in-one service management software solution integrating many essential workflow and business tasks in one program.

simPRO also offers an integrated mobility suite for the trade and service industries based around the Connect mobile app which gives field staff complete control over the administration of individual jobs including the ability to process payments on-site using a customer’s credit card.

Established in 2002, simPRO Software is a Brisbane-based software company which is the global leader in job management software for the services and contracting sector. The company’s clients range from small contracting businesses to mid-sized businesses through to large enterprises with thousands of staff. For more information on simPRO Enterprise call simPRO Software on 1300 139 467 or visit


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