SHIFT RED Next Generation Drone System creates New Style beyond UAV

"SHIFT RED The Perfect Small"

“SHIFT RED The Perfect Small”

TIE (this is engineering, Inc.), has released an intuitive drone and control system as a debut in the U.S marketplace.

SHIFT RED is can be controlled by one hand and with a new small size and light weight in comparison to older drone products.

Based on TIE’s unique patented “near-field micro sensing” technology, SHIFT RED has been described as

"Smart Action Shooting with SHIFT RED"

“Smart Action Shooting with SHIFT RED”

a perfect small drone for the global market, such that users can control the drone by simply wearing a ring around and moving the thumb.

SHIFT RED uses tracking technology and recognizes and expresses dynamic movements in a smarter way and provides optimum output.

Users can have unprecedented experience with its easy-to-use features and high performance. SHIFT RED’s photo video manager supports various features

"It's Your Turn to Fly with SHIFT RED"

“It’s Your Turn to Fly with SHIFT RED”

like seamless transmission of video and photo data to mobile devices, and clear and stable real time streaming.

David Kim, Head of Marketing for TIE’s Global Business, said “As confirmed through feedback at global industrial exhibitions, our one-handed control technology and innovative new features for daily life concepts will lead to a whole new world in UAV.

“Our concepts can also be applied to areas including

"SHIFT RED Hyper Sensor Fusion Technology"

“SHIFT RED Hyper Sensor Fusion Technology”

commercial and military. That is, our products and technologies will enable anyone benefit through commercial services, and personal enjoyment in their daily life.”

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