Security Research Initiative 2015 Survey- What is the value of security in the workplace?


Perpituity-Research-logoMost organisations agree that security is needed in the workplace to prevent and respond to crime, but what, if any, are the wider benefits, to other corporate departments like HR, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Legal, Procurement and Operations? Does good security help organisations to care for staff and increase their productivity? Does it give a competitive edge? Does it help make a profit? Perpetuity Research are conducting a survey as part of the Security Research Initiative to understand how security does and could be helping other areas of the business. If you are a security professional or from one of the other corporate departments listed above, and would like to have your say visit:

The survey is anonymous, takes approx 10 minutes to complete and the findings will be made available to participants. The deadline for responses is the 13th March 2015.


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