San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Adds Electro Scan Mobile Van for Advanced Pipe Condition Assessment


ElectroScanLogo_Orange_Stacked_thickerINCNew Technology Helps Pinpoint Leaks and Increase Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater

SACRAMENTO, Calif. has announced that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has placed an order for a Sewer Leak Detection Van to help locate and measure defects that allow infiltration into its wastewater collection system.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is a leader in using green technologies to manage its water resources, waste recovery, and water reuse; however, it faces the same challenge as other global communities where coastal salt water seeps into its sewers reducing the ability to fully utilize reclaimed wastewater.

“Our industry’s long term goal is to achieve 100% reuse of our potable water,” states Lewis Harrison, Manager, Wastewater Enterprise, Collection System Division, SFPUC. “But, with global warming, persistent drought, and an already high water table south of Market Street, it is important that we identify and patch unwanted openings into our combined sewer system to minimize salt water intrusion.”

“With Electro Scan, we will have a new technology to find leaks and help reduce salt water entering our system so we can increase the beneficial reuse of our reclaimed wastewater,” explained Harrison.

Using its patent pending technology, Electro Scan automatically measures the variation of electrical current that flows through cracks and defects in pipes without relying on closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, acoustic sensors, or third party data interpretation.

Results are immediately available in the Company’s award-winning Critical Sewers® cloud application.

“This specialized van identifies defects that are not typically seen by operators using camera based systems,” commented Douglas J. Lipps, P.E., Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Division, SFPUC.

“More importantly, it provides an estimated rate of infiltration in gallons per minute, for each defect and entire pipe, to help prioritize our repairs,” states Lipps.

Electro Scan’s low voltage technology is also the leading method to certify and accept rehabilitation, relining, and repairs for water and sewer pipes which previously relied on Acoustic or CCTV inspection techniques.

“I am delighted to support the resource recovery initiatives at SFPUC and help California achieve its goal for recycled water use,” states Chuck Hansen, Chairman and CEO, Electro Scan.

“New technologies, like Electro Scan, not only find problems that were previously undetected, but often change the way we prioritize rehabilitation and deliver needed benefits, sooner,” explains Hansen.

Each non-rainy day an average of 80 million gallons of wastewater is collected and transported to one of SFPUC’s two treatment plants.

When it rains, SFPUC’s wastewater system can collect and treat up to 575 million gallons a day (MGD) through a network of 1,000 miles of pipe.

High salinity or shock loads of sodium chloride adversely affect organic removal at the treatment plant, lowering the efficiency of the treatment process and lowering reusable water levels.

Additionally, high levels of unwanted water in a collection system means higher treatment and transportation costs due to greater pumping and electricity costs, contributing to higher C02 emissions.

The Company’s selection is an integral part of SFPUC’s ongoing commitment to pursue cleaner, greener, and smarter strategies to help manage its business.

Earlier this year, Electro Scan was awarded Best Project by the United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology. Previous awards include Best CleanTech Company (The New Economy Magazine), Best Technology Innovation (Water Environment Federation), and Best New Product (North American Society of Trenchless Technology).

Available as either a standalone mobile van or added to an existing CCTV truck, Electro Scan is able to assess pipes at the rate of ~50 feet per minute and estimate defect flows in gallons per minute, operated in accordance with ASTM F2550-13.

In March 2015 the Company announced its entry into the water leak detection market to locate and quantify water losses not detected by legacy inspection methods.

About Electro Scan

Electro Scan develops proprietary pipe condition assessment instrumentation and cloud applications that automatically locates, measures, and reports defects in sewer, water, and gas pipelines, not typically found by legacy methods.


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