Russia Exposes a Competitor to the Reaper


New photos of the Altius-M UAV which should be a competitor to the American Reaper UAV network exposed last week. This UAV weighs five tons, can reach a range of 10,000 kilometers and stay aloft for 48 hours straight.

  The “Altius-M” UAV is produced by okb-sokol (Kazan) along with “Transas“, and the chief designer is Mr Alyaksandr Gomzin. The development and initial design began in early October 2011, and won the Russian Defense Ministry contest to develop a UAV with a takeoff weight of up to 5 tons (the other bidder was RAC, the Russian manufacturer of the MiG aircraft). The contract for the research and development of the “Altius -M” is worth 28 million dollars (billion rubles). READ MORE

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