Robots Invading ASIS 2016


gamma 2 robotics_logoEasy to implement and powerful to use, Gamma 2 Robotics’ RAMSEE works with Hexagon’s safety and monitoring software to combine mobile sensor data with other static data sources into a map-based common operating picture — enhancing human capabilities while significantly reducing labor costs.


“Sensor data and video feeds provided by RAMSEE are integrated into Hexagon’s safety software suite. “

RAMSEE is equipped with a wide variety of sensors that feed data on intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas, and more into the Hexagon-based command-and-control environment in real time.

PATROL – Provide autonomous and manual patrolling, even in total darkness

MONITOR – Display real-time video from four cameras, including forward-looking infrared (FLIR), 180 degree forward-facing camera, 180 degree rear-facing camera, and head-mounted PTZ camera

RESPOND – Detect and respond to alarms triggered by RAMSEE and/or other third-party sensors and systems

ANALYZE – Measure performance and recap daily activity of RAMSEE and other sensors with activity reports


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