ResAppDx launched on select Android devices

  • ResAppDx now validated for use on select Android devices, unlocking a large addressable market
  • Launch follows extensive testing to ensure ResAppDx conforms with required standards
  • ResAppDx for Android to be launched through existing partnerships with Coviu and Phenix Health
  • SleepCheck for Android launch expected before the end of the calendar year

ResApp Health Limited (ASX:RAP), a digital health company developing smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease has launched ResAppDx, its smartphone-based acute respiratory diagnostic test, on select Android devices.

ResAppDx is a mobile software application to be used by clinicians for the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract disease, croup, pneumonia, asthma/reactive airway disease exacerbation, COPD exacerbation and bronchiolitis. The software uses machine learning algorithms that analyse a patient’s cough sounds to diagnose disease. It is a software-only solution that runs on a smartphone and does not require any additional hardware or accessories. ResAppDx is CE Marked in Europe and TGA approved for use in Australia.

This is a major achievement for ResApp and significantly broadens the company’s addressable market. According to Google, in 2019 there were an estimated 2.5 billion active Android devices worldwide. Initially, ResApp will be focused on deploying the application in Australia and Europe, where there are 11 million and 450 million Android users respectively.

The launch follows extensive internal testing, which has now validated ResAppDx’s use on the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and S20 devices. According to AppBrain, the Galaxy S9 is the second most popular Android smartphone in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, with a ~5% market share in those countries. It is the third most popular Android smartphone in France (3% market share) and Switzerland (5% market share). The Galaxy S10 is in the top four Android smartphones in Switzerland (8% market share), Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands (all with a 5% market share). ResApp is continuing to work to validate the release of ResAppDx on additional Android devices, with further launches anticipated in the near term.

The internal testing process was designed to ensure that ResAppDx’s algorithms, used for identifying respiratory disease, have the required level of accuracy of each make and model of phone. A number of new, proprietary testing procedures and algorithm developments were needed to ensure that ResAppDx would perform similarly on different devices.

The company will now progress the launch of ResAppDx for Android through its existing partners in the Australian telehealth sector. ResAppDx for Android is expected to be available on the Coviu telehealth platform next week and is working closely with Phenix Health to update the Android version of their Phenix Telehealth app.

CEO and Managing Director Dr Tony Keating said: “Launching ResAppDx on select Android devices is a major achievement for ResApp. The company has undertaken extensive testing to ensure our offering continues to meet the high standards set by regulative bodies and provides clinicians with a best in class solution to test for respiratory disease during telehealth consultations.

ResApp has established partnerships in the Australian telehealth sector through both Coviu and Phenix Healthcare and we will now pursue the launch of ResAppDx for Android across their respective platforms. Further, we will continue to pursue similar partnerships in Europe, which have the potential to give us access to a much larger and established telehealth market.

“We anticipate that the launch for Android users will considerably broaden our potential patient base and look forward to launching SleepCheck for Android, allowing Android users to assess their risk of sleep apnoea in the coming months.”


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