Projects of Concern Update


The hon, Senator_logoProject AIR 5431 Phase 1 Deployable Defence Air Traffic Management and Control System and Project AIR 5431 Phase 3 Civil Military Air Traffic Management System have been added to the Projects of Concern list.

Although the projects are under the same program, there is no dependency between the two and their inclusion on the Projects of Concern list is unrelated.

AIR 5431 Phase 1 was awarded to Indra Australia in 2014 to deliver a mix of mobile and transportable air traffic control radars and supporting equipment to allow Defence to control and monitor air traffic while deployed on operations.

The project has experienced schedule delays since approval, and initial delivery is expected almost two years later than originally planned.

AIR 5431 Phase 3 was approved in 2014, to deliver the Defence aspects of a harmonised civil/military air traffic management system under the OneSKY banner—collectively being led and managed by Airservices Australia.

This is a highly complex, inter-departmental project of national significance that has experienced some substantial challenges getting into contract. The challenges revolve around issues with ensuring value for money for the taxpayer.

The Projects of Concern process has delivered proven results through the remediation of 17 troubled projects with a combined value of around $17 billion.

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