New Myriota toolkit to democratise direct-to-orbit IoT access


Australia’s first smart waste management platform using toolkit to expand globally
Water conservation consultancy now able to monitor remote, critical water infrastructure

Myriota has launched its Developer Toolkit to accelerate the availability of Internet of Things (IoT) technology across the global tech community; enabling developers to integrate Myriota’s direct-to-satellite communications technology with IoT products.

The Developer Toolkit was extensively trialled and tested over the last six months by members of Myriota’s early access partner program across Australia, Europe and the US; including by Australia’s first smart waste management platform Smartsensor.

CTO and co-founder of Myriota, Dr David Haley, said the toolkits provide a complete, mature platform for the rapid development of satellite IoT solutions, from smaller developers to  multinational businesses alike.

“We’re excited to be putting the power of IoT into the hands of those able to apply it most effectively – the developer community,” Haley said. “Enabling a myriad of applications, the Myriota Developer Toolkit supports the development of innovative IoT devices for a wide range of industries. It will enable developers to add the lowest cost, most secure and longest battery life IoT connectivity to their products for truly remote applications.”

The Myriota Software Development Kit (SDK) is publicly accessible via GitHub, and provides a simple, yet powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for job scheduling, sensor input/output, diagnostics, and access to Myriota’s communication stack. Developers also benefit from online resources and support, and the Myriota Device Manager.

With 275 million tonnes of plastic waste being generated globally, and 31.9 million tonnes of mismanaged plastic coastal waste alone, Smartsensor is using the toolkit to create a world without waste.

“Keeping our cities clean and green isn’t an easy endeavour thanks to a global population increase causing more congestion and overflowing bins” Founder and CEO of the business, Leon Hayes, said. “Myriota’s toolkits have unlocked our ability to access low-cost IoT connectivity and track more bins than ever before. We’ve been able to take the step of expanding globally thanks to this rollout.”

“The ease of use of Myriota’s SDK combined with big data and analytics has seen us use the Developer Toolkit to quickly develop deployable connectivity solutions for our remote assets; improving not only operational waste management for councils and contractors, but the environmental impact that such waste can cause.”

Provider of smart metering solutions for the water and gas industry, WaterGroup also took part in the early access program, with Manager of Smart Metering & IoT, Rian Sullings, saying that the units that have been deployed are already making an impact.

“With increased stress being placed on our water supplies, particularly in drought stricken rural areas, there has never been greater demand or greater capability to monitor water – our most precious resource,” Sullings said.

“Traditional terrestrial wireless networks cover only around one third of Australia’s geographic area, but we’re now able to connect to the previously unconnected – monitoring critical water infrastructure no matter where it is located. Using Myriota’s direct-to-orbit connectivity, our digital water metering solutions can operate practically anywhere; collecting vital data on our water networks, and enabling data analytics and efficiency improvements.”

Myriota’s Developer Toolkit includes:

1 x Development board
1 x Satellite Simulator USB Dongle and Antenna
1 x Enclosure and Mounting Brackets
1 x Antenna with Coaxial Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Battery Holder Cover

About Myriota
Myriota was founded to revolutionise the Internet of Things (IoT) by offering disruptively low-cost and long-battery-life global connectivity. Based in Adelaide, a focal point of the Australian space industry and home of the Australian Space Agency, Myriota has a growing portfolio of more than 20 patents, and support from major Australian and international investors. With deep heritage in telecommunications research, world-first transmission of IoT data direct to nanosatellite was achieved in 2013. Myriota has made this ground-breaking technology commercially available for partners worldwide. For more information:


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