Netline Releases New Drone Detector


Netline Communications Technologies has released an updated sensor that detects and locates drones. The company says its updated DF Sensor detects all drone threats in the covered area, including various non-standard and DIY drones, which are among the most elusive threats in recent war zones and conflict areas.

“Netline is stepping up to meet the growing field demands for a comprehensive system that can identify and locate all potential drone threats”, said Netline CEO Shai Palti. “As the drone industry evolves, defence forces face new and complex challenges. Netline’s new approach provides our clients with a robust solution for detecting, locating, and mitigating every threat in the spectral area, even if it’s a new drone with unknown spectral signatures or communication links”.

United States-based Netline manufactures and supplies high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance solutions to defence forces and homeland security agencies worldwide. The company specialises in EW counter-IED systems, counter-drone solutions, military/ insurgency communication jamming, prison communication control, and intelligence solutions.

Netline’s new DF sensor is based on three detection steps. First, the sensor scans the spectrum for all radio frequencies in the relevant bands. It then separates targets from the spectral noisy environment using a hybrid algorithm and finally tracks the suspicious targets to define their threatening level according to different parameters.

The strategic deployment of two or more DF Sensors in the covered area empowers users with precise localisation abilities. This is achieved through the intersection of the two direction lines, ensuring a comprehensive and effective drone detection and localisation system.

These abilities join Netline’s battle-proven drone mitigation systems. Based on SDR technology, Netline’s jammers disrupt the communication between the drone and its operator, block GNSS signals, and cover all potential drone frequencies.

“At Netline, we constantly learn and monitor the evolving threats in different war zones around the world to develop critical and rapid solutions,” said Patti. “Our R&D teams have developed this innovative and adaptive algorithm that recognises common factors of airborne threats, indicating their existence without needing specific data.”


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