National Robotics Strategy Backs Advanced Manufacturing


The federal government has launched a discussion paper on the development of a new National Robotics Strategy today to explore the opportunities and challenges for Australian industries adopting robotics and automation.

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic said the discussion paper will help guide a conversation on growing the production and responsible use of robotics in Australia.

“Australia has all the ingredients to grow our robotics industry – world-class research institutions, a highly skilled workforce and favourable business conditions,” Minister Husic said.

“The passage of our $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund through Parliament last week can also provide investment support for the onshore development of enabling capabilities like robotics.

“Automation technologies, including robotics, provide an opportunity to add between $170 billion to $600 billion per year to Australia’s GDP by 2030.

“It’s also good for jobs, with research showing countries that have invested more in robotics have experienced higher levels of employment growth.

“Responses to the discussion paper will help to identify priority areas for the future of Australian robotics and automation technologies, including existing strengths and gaps to be addressed.

“Importantly, if we want to grow advanced manufacturing in Australia, we will need to explore ways to boost our robotics and automation capabilities.”

The paper will also consider barriers faced by businesses producing robotics and automation technologies in Australia, and concerns regarding the potential impact of robotics on work and communities.

The government says it will consult widely, supported by a series of workshops across Australia.


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