Motorola Solutions unveils police car of the future in Australia


Police Car of the Future 2Motorola Solutions has launched its emergency vehicle of the future with the unveiling of a fully operational concept connected patrol car, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Based on years of research, ride-alongs, focus groups, simulations and usability studies, the car is designed to seamlessly integrate with the first responder’s personal mobile communication network and workflow, extending critical information from command and control to mobile users and enhancing safety and operational efficiency in the field.

The car comes equipped with mobile computers, multiple cameras recording video, automatic number plate recognition technology, an integrated console that controls the radio, lights, sirens, as well as movement sensors.


  • The car can be connected to the officer and command centres simultaneously. Command centres will not only be able to effectively capture data from vehicles in the field, but will also be able to securely transmit real-time video and mapping to assist those on the front line.
  • Video and surveillance footage can easily be sent to the police car’s built-in MW810 mobile workstation and the officer’s mobile handheld device in real-time. For example, officers will be able to stream live video from the scene to dispatch or command, keeping everyone informed.
  • Wireless technology and scanners within the car will be able to detect when an officer leaves the car, with information then transferred to the officer’s mobile handheld computer, allowing easy access to database information.
  • Seconds count, and through an integrated console, officers can instantly launch lights and sirens and activate cameras in the car to provide a Real-Time Video Intelligence feed of a pursuit to other officers and supervisors, without taking their eyes of the road.
  • In addition, built-in sensor technology can be used to enhance officer safety, detecting when a gun is drawn, and automatically activating in-car cameras and alerting command and control to signal an officer may be in danger.

Steve Crutchfield, Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand says; “Australian public safety agencies are considered leaders in the deployment of drivable mobile computing technologies, with almost all State police agencies having already deployed or piloted some of what we are showcasing in patrol cars today.

Vehicles are now being seen as more than a way to get from point A to B; they are fast becoming virtual partners acting as a force multiplier to help not only better protect those on the front line, but keep them out on patrol longer.

Our concept car showcases how public safety agencies are leveraging mobility technology advances to enable a new level of intelligence and connectivity in the field. Their front line is now online.”


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