MESMER 1.5 First Production Articles



  • First delivery of new MESMER 1.5 Systems to D13
  • MESMER 1.5 has significant enhancements including range increased by up to 400%
  • Increased price point reflective of enhanced solution capabilities

department13_logoDEPARTMENT 13 (“Department 13”, “D13” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it has received delivery of its first production systems of MESMER 1.5. The first systems are now in final validation and acceptance testing in anticipation of the imminent formal release.

The new MESMER 1.5 Counter Drone Solution includes:

  1. New hardware and software upgrades that enhance detection capabilities and offer an increased range up to 400% greater than the initial product release;
  2. Expanded operational frequencies (433MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz);
  3. A new form factor into a single, integrated unit allowing for deployment in fixed-site, vehicle and man-portable applications; and
  4. Multi-node application which allows MESMER systems to communicate with one another to better defend against simultaneous drone threats and protect larger areas via a single operator console. MESMER multi-node deployments are suitable for large areas of protection such as airports, military bases, stadiums, and other large installations.

Initial demonstrations of MESMER 1.5 have been well received by both government and commercial customers, with multiple follow-up evaluations booked throughout the remainder of 2017. The first Five (5) Version 1.5 systems were purchased by 2 customers during the June Quarter, with delivery scheduled for August and September.

The upgraded MESMER solution will be sold at a higher price point (up to US$400,000/unit vs. US$300,000 for Version 1.0 system) to better reflect the enhanced counter drone capabilities.

Commenting on the MESMER upgrade, Department 13 CEO Jonathan Hunter said:

“MESMER 1.5 provides both commercial and defense customers with an adaptable flexible software solution that allows for enhanced detection and mitigation capabilities on different hardware platforms. The enhancements to our MESMER solution have been tailored to meet an evolving drone threat and they significantly strengthen our counter drone proposition as we focus on converting our substantial pipeline of customer opportunities. We are currently conducting trials and demonstrations scheduled out till November on 4 different continents with commercial, government and defense potential customers and expect to announce further sales in the near future.”


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