Lockheed Martin’s Indago UAV to use Elsight’s Halo Comms System

Lockheed Martin’s latest Indago 4 unmanned aerial vehicle will integrate Elsight’s Halo communications connectivity system onto its platform as part of a strategic collaboration between the two companies. Elsight informed the markets of the deal in a May 8, 2024, Australian Stock Exchange filing.
Using the Halo connectivity system, the Indago 4 can transmit video and data back to a command-and-control centre, even though it may be a long distance from where the Indago 4 is operating. Halo offers the ability for one pilot will be able to operate a fleet of drones.
Incorporating Elsight’s solution enhances the Indago 4’s wireless dispersion capabilities for maintaining robust communication links across varying terrains, obstacles, and distances with ensured uninterrupted data flow such as real-time video feeds or critical telemetry data.
“We designed the Halo to provide real-time situational awareness in difficult defense and public safety scenarios,” said Roee Kashi, Co-founder and CTO of Elsight. “Ultimately, field commanders need to make strategic decisions at any moment and should have the widest ‘lens’ possible with all the critical information. Now with our integration, the Indago 4 becomes the ‘eyes’ of any commander and the control centre.”

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