Kleos’ technology passes first US Air Force hurdle


Kleos Space (ASX:KSS) has been awarded a United States Air Force SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) phase 1 contract through Ithaca Solutions. SBIR is a competitive program that enables small businesses to engage in US Federal Research/ Research and Development with technology that has the potential for commercialisation.

Key highlights:

  • Kleos is participating in phase 1 of the program after successfully presenting the Kleos Scouting Mission, which will deliver a global picture of hidden maritime activity and enhance the intelligence capability of government and commercial entities when AIS is defeated or targets are out of partrol range.
  • As part of phase 1 of the program Kleos will focus on innovative defense-related dual-purpose technologies/solutions with a clear Air Force stakeholder need.
  • Phase 1 of the contract is to be completed by 23 October 2019 and involves the delivery of a report including technical feasibility, financial sustainability and meeting defense needs.
  • If Kleos is successful, phase 2 would be delivered in up to 27 months with 4-1 matched funds from a Government customer, with SBIR funding of up to US$1.5 million.

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