Procurement of Joint Strike Fighter


After the evaluation of the current situation in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, which Turkey joined as a consortium partner since Concept Demonstration Phase in 1999 in order to meet the Next Generation fighter requirement of Turkish Air Force and has been attending utilizing Turkish industry’s production and assembly capabilities to the maximum extent, The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) has been tasked to order the first two F-35A aircraft with Block-3F configuration under Low Rate Initial Production-10 (LRIP-10).

SSM has been tasked to perform necessary activities for the establishment of the Final Assembly and Check-Out line and Depot Level Maintenance Center for F135 engine within Turkish local industry and Turkish Air Force structure. Turkey aims to provide service to all F-35 users around the region via these facilities to be established.

Up until now, JSF Program is being followed closely and our support to the program continues strong as ever. In this context, Turkey continues her forecast of the acquisition of 100 F-35A aircraft as planned and declared previously.

Lockheed Martin Statement: Lockheed Martin is honored the Turkish Government has committed to procure their first two of 100 program of record F-35A Lightning II 5th Generation multirole fighters. This decision confirms the value of acquiring a 5th Generation fighter capability and is testimony to the Turkish Government’s confidence in the program.


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