iPasolink Microwave supply contract awarded, worth $15 million


NEC Australia has been selected to supply iPasolink Microwave radio equipment and professional services for one of the largest T1 Mobile Operators in Australia.

Under the new three-year contract, NEC will supply and deploy over 650 iPASOLINK Microwave links and UNMS system to support 4G+ network expansions and 5G deployments in Metro and Regional areas. The estimated total contract value is more than $15 million.

The NEC solution will enable faster 5G network roll out and more reliable mobile telecommunications services to the public. The network will also provide a range of benefits to enterprises such as enhancing agile working and customer engagement, and facilitating emerging technologies for greater efficiency.

The iPASOLINK VR and EX-A range is NEC’s next generation carrier grade radio equipment with fibre-like capacity supporting key features such as Sub-band Free High Power ODUs, Netconf, H-QoS, AES encryption, 1588v.2 synchronisation, dual 10Gbps SFP+ interfaces, dual power feed, and dual band antenna options, all key features in next generation network architectures.

NEC Australia is committed to NEC’s global ambition to orchestrate a brighter world by creating social value through cutting edge technologies – supporting safer, sustainable and prosperous societies.

“This major win reconfirms NEC’s expertise and leadership in the microwave radio space,” said Krisztian Som, Head of Critical Infrastructure at NEC Australia.

“Our ongoing investment in product development and market leading solutions enables operational cost reduction and deliver fibre like capacity over Microwave for 5G networks,” he said.


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