FlytNow Adds Support for DJI MAVIC MINI to Enable Aerial Security Operations


FlytBase, Inc has announced that the popular DJI MAVIC MINI drone is now supported by the FlytNow platform.

FlytNow is a remote drone fleet management solution for public safety, drone responders, and security & surveillance. It provides a unified dashboard for the live streaming of video and telemetry data from a fleet of drones for situational awareness.

MAVIC MINITM is a small, compact, affordable, and powerful drone geared towards enthusiasts and first-time drone users. The drone is ultra-light and portable (weighing around 249 grams) and it has a gimbal supported camera that can capture HD video.

FlytNow can enhance the capabilities of MAVIC MINI and thus make it suitable for commercial use-cases such as public safety, first response, and security & surveillance. By combining MAVIC MINI with FlytNow, drone users can:

  • Live stream video from MAVIC MINI to remote teams over 4G/LTE/5G by sharing a link. One use of this feature is during an inspection of a structure after a fire, where the footage is shared with a remote expert, sitting hundreds of miles away, for a better analysis.
  • Control a MAVIC MINI from the web-based dashboard of FlytNow. This allows a remote pilot, via the dashboard, to take control of a MAVIC MINI and use it in public safety operations such as firefighting, search & rescue, or HAZMAT response.
  • Set a geofence and pre-flight checklist for safe operations.
  • Enable the first-person experience using the cockpit view from the FlytNow dashboard, an important feature for taking close shots during an emergency situation.
  • Control the drone gimbal remotely, from the dashboard, for a better visual.
  • Users can also annotate messages on the map using FlytNow and view them in log for post-fight analysis.

“MAVIC MINI is a really agile and affordable drone that comes really handy in emergency response operations. First responders on the ground can quickly launch this drone out of their vehicles and the remote team can get live situational awareness using the FlytNow application over 4G/LTE/5G.” – Achal Negi, Head of Business Development, FlytBase.

MAVIC MINI users can start with FlytNow immediately, via the 28-days free trial.

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