FlytGCS White Paper on Autonomous Drones for Surveillance Operations in the Industrial & Commercial Security Industry


FlytBase, Inc. has released a white paper highlighting the factors critical to large-sale deployment of autonomous drones for security and surveillance applications. The journey from the ‘early adopter’ phase to the ‘early majority’ phase of the adoption curve for drone deployments in industrial & commercial security will require: a) reliable, off-the-shelf hardware b) cloud-based, hardware-agnostic software, and c) faster time-to-value, driven by low capex and seamless integration.

Drone Security Graphic

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be deployed in a multitude of 24/7 security and surveillance use-cases – the pace of which is determined by the intensity of user/customer pain points – such as high turnover of security guards, operations at night and in hostile scenarios, surveillance of hard-to-reach locations, liabilities associated with human and helicopter patrols, CCTV blind spots, need for real-time situational awareness in emergencies, etc.

The time for aerial security is now ripe because the prosumer drone market has matured so rapidly in the last few years that commercial-off-the-shelf drones can be used commercially, instead of (expensive, monolithic, low reliability) custom drones, in all but the most demanding security and surveillance use-cases.

FlytGCS Security Dashboard

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, commented, “The physical security market is primed for drone automation and scaling – the time, cost and safety benefits of autonomous drone fleets can create significant business value for this industry. Drone patrols will augment human guards and enable security agencies, risk managers, security directors, system integrators and other stakeholders to make faster, better decisions for real-time incident response, remote security operations, event management, disaster response and more.”

The ‘Drone Automation in Security & Surveillance’ white paper can be downloaded at the MySecurity Marketplace.


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