Establishment Of Boeing Assembly Facility at Wellcamp


Wagners Holding Company has announced the construction of a new Boeing assembly facility within the Wellcamp Aerospace and Defence Precinct at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

Wagners will welcome Boeing as a neighbour to its Composite Fibre Technologies manufacturing facility at Wellcamp as it establishes its facility to assemble the Boeing Airpower Teaming System (also known as Loyal Wingman).

The world class facility with advanced manufacturing capability will create 300 jobs during the construction phase.

Wagners Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Coleman said “Wagners (WGN) are well known for being suppliers of constructions materials and services, however, a large part of our business is focused on developing and delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for the construction industry. Our Earth Friendly Concrete and Composite Fibre Technologies are now being applied in significant infrastructure projects globally. To have the ability now to be able to showcase these materials in projects like the Boeing facility who share our vison in sustainable manufacturing, right in our back yard in Toowoomba, is something we are extremely proud to support. We look forward to exploring opportunities that this project may provide for Wagners and our region generally. This facility is going to provide significant benefit for our community and we look forward to welcoming Boeing to Toowoomba.”


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