Emerging Technology Enables Customer Service In 25 Languages Using Same Staff


Any company can now provide multi-language customer service without learning another language and without downloading or installing anything

TranslateYourWorld_logo1Translate Your World International (“Tywi”), developers of communication software that eliminates language barriers, has announced the release of its newest software, “Tywi Customer Service”.  The software enables any business from the smallest entrepreneur to corporations to offer customer service in dozens of languages using the same original staff.  A company agent can chat in 78 languages or talk with customers in 25 languages using this revolutionary approach to multilingual communication.

“There is nothing to download or install by either the company or the visitor,” says Sue Reager, president of Translate Your World. “The visitor just clicks on a link on a company website or a link in an email, PDF, Power Point, or text message.  Tywi instantly opens communication between visitor and agent.  Each can type-chat or talk in real-time in their native tongue.  Tywi can even change an agent’s accent to be more understandable to the visitor.  And because the software functions just as well with clientele who already speak the Agent’s language, it’s an all-in-one solution.”

Tywi_Customer_Service_Select_Speech_Language“Tywi attracts the new digital generation of users, offering optional live audio and video that converts customer support into a Click-to-Talk environment in all major languages,” she continues.  “Chat boxes that are silent in other brands come alive as Tywi speaks the chat to the visitor in their native language.   Text-typing becomes optional, and support can be performed from anywhere on any device. And when automation is not sufficient, users may summon an interpreter who arrives in less than 60 seconds.”

Translate Your World sees the future of customer support as a new digital service environment where an agent’s conversation may be scripted and even pre-translated for precise control and perfect translations; yet may also be unscripted (improvisation), automatically translated on the fly.  The quality control available with Tywi far surpasses anything else on the market, including Voice Profiles for speech recognition, 6 automatic translation software, and user dictionaries that tailor to the corporate vocabulary.

This combination of professional features “translates” into an emerging technology for global communication that learns and improves each time it is used, and has the potential to dramatically change how we speak and interact with customers at home and abroad.

Example YouTube: https://youtu.be/MTcMiChPtH0

Changing agent’s accent:   https://youtu.be/UyzycLaQZFI

For a free demo:  http://www.TranslateYourWorld.com



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