DroneShield Secures DoD Artificial Intelligence Contract


DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik with the Australian Minister for Defence Industry, Hon Melissa Price.

DroneShield has announced it has been selected for a Phase 2 (prototyping) Defence Innovation Hub Contract, as part of a $10 million Artificial Intelligence grant round.

The project is valued at approximately $800,000 and leverages two core elements of DroneShield’s technology base: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (“AI”) in the Computer Vision space, and the Command-and-Control (“C2”) system.

DroneShield will examine autonomous AI-enabled computer-vision search, track and classification techniques with a focus on multi-sensor fusion, beyond traditional sensor “correlation”. The combination of advanced computer-vision and sensor fusion allows automatic generation of target data for future use – an essential part of the Intelligence Mission Data (“IMD”) cycle for defence, Government agency and similar customers.

This technology stream has direct application in both the C-UAS space as well as military/Government agency applications.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “Today, DroneShield is a global leader in the Artificial Intelligence multi-domain applications for military, intelligence and Government agency work. In addition to our cutting-edge AI capabilities in the radiofrequency spectrum, this project enables deeper collaboration with Australian defence to leapfrog our AI capabilities in the computer-vision, sensor-fusion and command-and-control domains. We are extremely excited to continue pushing the envelope of what is possible with AI applications to military and Government work, and bring those capabilities to our customer base. We have a deep history of collaboration with the Australian military, including presently delivering a $3.8 million Electronic Warfare project, and this initial Defence Innovation Hub grant opens a new teaming sovereign industrial capability front.”


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