DroneShield Releases DroneSentry-C2 Tactical


DroneShield has released DroneSentry-C2 Tactical (DroneSentry-C2T), in response to significant end user demand.

DroneSentry-C2T is a ruggedised, on-the-edge version of DroneShield’s main Command-and-Control solution DroneSentry-C2. The system provides operators with real-time C-UAS situational awareness from a single device or network of DroneShield and third-party devices, such as the RfPatrol body worn drone detector and the DroneSentry-X on-the-move and expeditionary fixed site drone detection and defeat system.

DroneSentry-C2T provides an intuitive satellite map-based display, with 2-way communication between the user and the distributed network of counter-drone devices, demonstrating drone detections from a network of sensors back to a central point anywhere to a rugged user tablet, as well as ability (where lawful) to activate drone defeat systems.

The launch of the DroneSentry-C2 Tactical enables existing DroneShield end users to enhance their solutions as an ‘add-on’ capability. Additionally, the DroneSentry-C2 Tactical offers a new entry level C2 solution to customers who do not require the full DroneSentry solution.

Angus Bean, DroneShield’s CTO, commented “The release of the DroneSentry-C2 Tactical solution is in line with modern defence technology trends, pushing enhanced situational awareness and decision-making tools to the operator at ‘the edge’. It allows personnel on the ground to take a more strategic view of the area of operation.”

“DroneShield is both a sensor maker and a developer of C2/sensor integration systems, which enables us to provide an optimised experience for the end user. The release of the DroneSentry-C2T enables us to utilise our position as the global leader in the C-UAS handheld systems, and introduce world’s first command-and-control system for a hand-held C-UAS environment.”

“As we are seeing in Ukraine and other places around the world, handheld C-UAS devices enable cost-effective, mass-scale drone detection and defeat capability. DroneSentry-C2T enables to network these groups of devices together, without a limitation on size of the amount of devices, to provide central point of awareness and response, either in hands on a single master user, or distributing information amongst multiple users in the field.”

The product has recently completed successful trials with the US Department of Defense and is available for sale immediately.

Image: DroneSentry-C2 Tactical deployment solution.


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