DroneShield released body-worn drone detection device, RfPatrol MKII


DroneShield Ltd has announced the release of the next generation version of its body-worn drone detection device, RfPatrol MKIITM.

The original RfPatrolTM was released in May 2019, having proven to be a well-regarded product, with purchases by a number of high profile customers around the world.

The device is completely passive (non-emitting), substantially broadening the range of customers to whom the product is lawfully available, and also appealing to use cases where the device cannot be detectable to the enermy forces due to having no emissions.

The next generation of the product is approximately 40% smaller in size, with a reduced weight of 800g (including battery), further ruddedization, as well as a range of further enhancements requested by the end users following last 12 months of in-field deployments.

“Image: RfPatrol MKIITM

The product is available for purchase now to qualified customers.

The device also enables to determine direction of the incoming threat, though the Directional Antenna Unit (DAUTM) an optional accessory:

“Image: RfPatrol DAUTM optional direction-finding accessory”

DroneShield’s CEO Oleg Vornik commented, “RfPatrol MKIITM continues our successful RfPatrolTM product line, providing dismounted personnel a lightweight drone detection device. The product is future-proof, being compatible with additional drone frequency channels which will be enabled with future software releases. As with our other counterdrone products, customers receive regular software updates of threat databases which can be deployed on the devices remotely in the field in a secure manner. Further, in addition to being able to be used as a stand-alone, it is a perfect companion to our DroneGunTM product”.


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