DroneShield Posts Record Results in 3Q21


DroneShield has released its quarterly results for 3Q21 quarter ending 30 September 2021, with the following key highlights:

  • 3Q21 customer receipts up 800% on 3Q20, at $1.7 million.
  • Cash receipts for the quarter of $2.8m, including $1.1m of grants received.
  • Jan-Sep 2021 total cash receipts up 400% on Jan-Sep 2020, at $12.2 million.
  • Multiple first-time sales with Government end customers in the US, Europe and Brazil, as well as repeat sales across US, UK, Australia and South-East Asia.
  • Bank balance as of 30 September 2021 at $12.1 million, with monthly gross outflows (before revenues) of approximately $1 million/month.

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