DroneShield Opens New HQ in Inner City Sydney


Defence company DroneShield has opened its new 2,000 square metre headquarters in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Pyrmont. The space includes a dedicated floor for high-tech research and development (R&D), engineering, and manufacturing.

The new site is funded by DroneShield’s recent AUD115 million capital raise and triples the company’s R&D and manufacturing capacity.

“Our equipment is sophisticated, AI-based technology that can take up to four months to build, containing up to 200 components that must be manufactured, assembled and quality controlled,” said DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik.

“Supply chain and inventory certainty is critical, and we are leveraging funds from the capital raise to enable us to create upwards of AUD400 million in equipment per year, all within Australia, at the new facility, as a truly sovereign defence supplier for global customers that expect high performance equipment to be available right away.”

The CEO adds that discussions are underway to secure additional space as demand for DroneShield’s artificial intelligence based platforms, counterdrone, electronic warfare solutions, and off-the-shelf products remains strong.

The company says that it will add 40 staff to its existing 120-strong employee pool in the near to accommodate this rising demand and works to convert a AUD500 million sales pipeline.


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