Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024 returns to Singapore


Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024 has opened at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore.

Meeting rising commercial demand for aerial, unmanned and ground-based solutions, the two-day event is dedicated to the region’s expanding UAV ecosystem and this year features an expanded scope and a larger stable of exhibitors and speakers, a reflection of the accelerating pace of the ecosystem’s growth in the past year.

Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024 is co-located with Geo Connect Asia, Digital Construction Asia and the inaugural Marine & Hydro Asia, which focus on the latest technologies relating to the geospatial, positioning and remote sensing industries; digital construction; and hydrospatial challenges, respectively. The event is supported by the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) and by Knowledge Partner Drone Industry Insights.

Beyond Statistics: Diving Deeper into the Booming Asian UAV Ecosystem

The overall drone market is set to double in growth from US$30.4 billion in 2022 to US$54.6 billion by 2030. Cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits are becoming key drivers as service-providing drone companies now account for 80% of market activity, providing precise and efficient geospatial data to industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture.

Drones are emerging as potential competitors to traditional delivery methods, particularly in areas with limited infrastructure or for specific deliveries.

Additionally, they boast lower carbon emissions compared to both electric and gasoline-powered vehicles, aligning well with global sustainability goals and offering companies a more environmentally friendly option.

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is a frontrunner in this space as the largest market for commercial drones, with China leading the charge. With drone deliveries set to grow at a global rate of 13.9% annually, the future of drone-powered services appears promising, particularly in Asia.

Shaping the Future: Regulatory Frameworks Emerge

Recognising the potential of advanced air mobility (AAM) and complex drone operations, APAC aviation regulators are actively creating new regulatory frameworks.

meeting of APAC regulators – led by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) – on AAM and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in November 2023 identified eight priority areas for developing guidelines, which are expected to be finalised by 2025. This collaboration will pave the way for commercial adoption of AAM and the implementation of complex drone operations, fostering a robust and well-regulated ecosystem in the region.

Highlights of Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024

Indeed, AAM is a key topic of interest at Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024, with a keynote titled “Skybound Horizons: Unleashing the Future of Advanced Air Mobility” and a panel discussion, “Going global: how the Asia Pacific region is leading the way in autonomous aviation”. These will take a deep dive into the future of AAM in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.

Other event highlights include:

  • Exhibition: Explore the latest advancements in drone technology and services from leading manufacturers and service providers.
  • Conference: Attend expert discussions and gain insights from industry experts.
  • UAV Innovation Stage: Engage with thought leaders and technical experts through a series of presentations and discussions.

“Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024 serves as a vital platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the rapidly evolving UAV ecosystem. We are excited to witness the latest advancements and connect with industry leaders who are shaping the future of drones in Asia,” said Mark ter Hove, UAV & UTM, Aircraft Operations & Safety, Viasat, Platinum Sponsor of Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024.

Lim Ew Shawn, Chief Global Solutions Officer, Aerodyne Group, emphasises the importance of events like Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024 for the sector: “Aerodyne continues to build its global leadership in the drone industry. Combining drone and data technology with digital transformation fuels our client solutions, including our newly developed AI swarm, nested drone system. We are excited to share these advancements at the event.”


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