Detection Drone Set for Sky-High


RT LTA Systems will launch together with CopterPIX, the Sky-High DI system, a combined tactical aerostat and mini quad rotor drone.

The investigating system combines the SkyStar 180/330 aerostat and the ERE-95 mini quadcopter.

SkyStar is an aerostat family of combat-proven, compact and mobile, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems based on lighter-than-air platforms.

Designed for extended surveillance and reconnaissance missions for force protection and intelligence gathering, they operate day and night, with a minimal crew at an altitude of up to 1,500 ft, and carry high-performance payloads.

The ERE-95 Mini quad-rotor drone, designed for long-range inspection missions, has a dual day/thermal camera and an 80-100 minute flight time – providing at least 30% longer endurance time than any other commercial platform.

These drones consistently outperform the competition in both military and non-military testing, performing complex missions in fully operational and challenging conditions, and are used worldwide by leading government, defense and commercial organizations.

Rami Shmueli, CEO of RT, says, “The integrated system can respond to an extensive range of scenarios. Until today, our system has enabled 24/7 observation and the collection of intelligence information through the wide range of payloads the system can carry. Now, thanks to the integration with the ERE-95 Mini, it also enables target tracking, and provides an active response to every scenario.”


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