Deep Learning Revolutionises Global Industries


Deep learning, a method which utilizes neural networks to identify patterns in vast data sets, has revolutionized industries worldwide.

Microsoft, Canon, Biodesix, and AbSci are among the firms leveraging deep learning to drive innovation.

From image analysis to natural language processing and diagnostic tests, its applications are widespread.

Subsequently, companies are increasingly discussing about the technology to enhance user experiences and optimize operations, reveals GlobalData.

Misa Singh, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Areas such as image analysis, natural language processing, and diagnostic tests are gaining significant traction.

For example, deep learning platforms are being used to sort useful inside waste management facilities. This will contribute towards reduced power consumption and operating costs.”

An analysis of GlobalData’s Company Filings Database reveals that the trend is prevalent in company discussions across sectors.

Microsoft Corp acquired Maluuba, an AI firm focused on deep learning, with natural language processing capabilities to further democratize AI for everyone.

Canon Inc is developing GM-1 crop growth monitoring system using its imaging technology experience.

GM-1 is based on image analysis technology combined with AI diagnostic technology based on deep learning.

The system is predicted to find applications in fields such as agriculture for adaptation to climate change, ideal cultivation management, and creation of novel crops through data accumulation and comparison.

Biodesix Inc believes that Diagnostic Cortex, a deeply tested deep learning platform optimized for the discovery of diagnostic tests, will solve the common machine learning problems encountered in life sciences research.

AbSci Corp acquired a group of computational biologists and AI specialists and a unique deep-learning platform designed for protein engineering and discovery.

HMM Co Ltd has created a deep learning-based system called Vessel Insight that gathers and unpacks enormous volumes of data for the shipping industry.

This system helps to find the optimal trim and route, for optimal decisions and operating costs. Global Digital Creations Holdings Ltd is combining deep learning with virtual characters, exploiting technological boom from chatbots and metaverse.

Singh concludes: “Deep learning has become a transformative force, propelling us into a new era of possibilities. With its widespread applications across various industries, the future holds immense promise for this revolutionary technology.”


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