Damage Thresholds of Diffractive Optical Elements


laser components_logoHolo/OR‘s diffractive optical elements, DOEs, are used to change the beam profile or split the beam in high-power lasers. They consist of fused silica, sapphire, and ZnSe substrates, into which a grating structure is etched. The DOEs are then coated – similar to a laser optic.

The maximum laser power at which DOEs can be used has been discussed often in the past: The question was whether the grating structure or the coating limited the damage threshold. Experience has suggested that the coating limits the damage threshold.

Holo/Or now has officiall proof: indeed, the structures do not have any effect on the damage threshold. The exact measurement results and further information are available at the distribution partner LASER COMPONENTS.

More Information http://www.lasercomponents.com/…

Further information

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