Cubic Showcases Next-Generation Ground Combat Training Solutions at the 2015 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition


Cubic Corporation Logo 2Cubic Corporation will showcase and demonstrate an array of military training technologies at the 2015 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition to demonstrate its latest Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) innovations and capabilities. LIMA is a biennial event that brings together the world’s leading maritime and aerospace companies from March 17-21 in Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

“At Cubic we’re committed to developing technologies in areas that need it most. Our MILES portfolio delivers affordable systems with improved performance, high reliability and enhanced flexibility,” said William Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. “Military and security forces worldwide rely on Cubic for technical innovations that maximize the effectiveness of their mission by providing safe and realistic ground combat scenarios.”

Some of the innovative Cubic products and services to be exhibited include:

  • Instrumented-Tactical Engagement Simulation System (I-TESS II):
    A fully integrated ground combat training system in a deployable package. I-TESS II is a turnkey capability that creates an immersive environment to replicate the threat of live combat scenarios. Vehicles, watercraft, bridges and buildings can all be outfitted with I-TESS II equipment for added realism.
  • EST3000™:
    A small arms marksmanship trainer that is portable, indoor, multipurpose and multilane. EST 3000™ replicates crew and individual live fire exercises to improve marksmanship skills in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  • MILES Individual Weapon System (MILES IWS):
    An enhanced laser engagement simulation system that allows ground combat troops to engage with opponents using laser transmitters mounted on actual weaponry, including small arms and tanks. MILES IWS is user-friendly and features small, lightweight components for individual soldiers.
  • Wireless Personal Area Network (PAN):
    An innovative manworn wireless solution used for laser-based training to increase mission readiness. PAN features a wireless link that replaces a traditional harness and cable. The system also maximizes ergonomics during force-on-force exercises and can be universally configured to tactical equipment.
    A maritime MILES training solution that is affordable, portable and environmentally friendly. The SEAPAN kit distinguishes between hits on specific engines or individuals for maximum effectiveness.
  • Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI):
    Cubic’s range-less ACMI systems provide fast jet aircrew training in air-to-air, and air-to-ground operations and tactics. Pilots can train in any available airspace without fixed infrastructure. The system provides real-time monitoring capabilities and post-mission debriefs to capitalize on “lessons learned.”

Attendees can experience the latest innovations and demonstrations at the Cubic booth #C1000, located in the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre. For more information or to set-up a briefing, please contact Tom Scott at


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