CASA-approved drone safety app now available


The first CASA-approved drone safety app connected to our new RPAS digital platform is now available for all recreational and commercial drone operators to download and use.

The digital platform is an exciting technological development for CASA and is the foundation of a fresh approach to safety for unmanned operations.

Over the coming weeks, we will retire the Can I fly there? app. We recommend that you delete the ‘Can I fly there? app now and visit to select an alternative drone safety app.

The development of our platform aligns with the broader whole-of-government approach to ‘open data’ in order to improve services to the community. It is also another first step in helping us to integrate drones into Australian airspace safely and efficiently.

In the future, we’re excited that the new platform will also:

  • integrate with our proposed drone registration system
  • allow licenced operators to submit flight authorisation requests
  • automate approvals to operate within 3 NM of a controlled aerodrome, where safe to do so
  • provide the building blocks for a future RPA traffic management system.

For more information, go to Future CASA-approved apps will allow developers to innovate and keep pace with technological change.


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