Canon presents world’s smallest Full HD PTZ surveillance camera


vb-s30d-5Canon unveils the world’s smallest full high definition (HD) pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera, VB-S30D alongside other new network cameras including the VB-S31D, VB-S800D and VB-S900F. Despite their ultra-compact form, the network cameras boast ease of use, high quality image capture as well as best in-class low light capabilities among other enhanced features.

“Apart from providing wide angle recording and superior quality image capture in various settings, we understand the need for making network cameras smaller to blend in with its environment,” says Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director for Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore. “With its ultra-compactness, VB-S30D would be a perfect fit for retail and commercial environments, to aid in managing building security and providing operations surveillance.”

Ease of use and ability to blend seamlessly into environment

With a diameter of approximately 120mm and height of approximately 54mm, the dome-shaped VB-S30D is the world’s smallest Full HD PTZ surveillance camera. Through its pan-tilt-zoom and auto-focus zoom functions, the camera supports remote operation and wide overhead area coverage with wide angle view of 77.7 degree. This allows for maximum image capture, despite its ultra compact form.

Similarly, both VB-S31D and VB-S800D are dome-shaped network cameras, sharing the same dimensions as VB-S30D. While VB-S31D is a pan tilt-fixed focus camera, VB-S800D is a fixed camera. Both cameras enable monitoring across a large viewing area with wide 95 degree horizontal angle of view. The VB-S900F, on the other hand, takes the form of a compact fixed box-type camera which facilitates wide-area monitoring with 96 degree angle of view. Additionally, it is equipped with a Digital PTZ feature which allows users to crop and display part of a camera image in the image display area.

The ultra-compactness of the new network cameras means they are able to blend into most environments with ease. Although primarily designed for indoor monitoring, the new network cameras can be used outdoor with appropriate housing for optimal performance.

High quality image capture and efficient video recording

Equipped with DIGIC DV III image processor and DIGIC NET II processors used in Canon’s high-end cinema cameras, all four new network cameras are able to capture exceptionally high quality images, with vivid colours and reduced image noise. Furthermore, the DIGIC NET II video compression and streaming processor enables high speed image compression and the transmission of Full HD images at up to 30 frames per second with no loss in frame rate. Coupled with multiple streaming capability, user will have the option of recording the video in varying compressed formats, effectively lowering resolutions to extend recording capacity.

All four network cameras also offer the highest number of intelligent functions in its class, which includes Moving Object detection, Abandoned Object detection, Removed Object detection, Camera Tampering detection, Passing detection and Volume detection.  These allow for maximum flexibility in various types of recording situations.

Best in-class low light capabilities

The new line of network cameras achieve best low light performance among full HD compact network cameras in their own class – with VB-S30D being the ideal choice for night and low-light setting surveillance due to its exceptional ability to capture low-noise colour video with little more than the illumination provided by a candle’s flame. It is able to achieve minimum subject illumination of 0.95 lux for colour video, and 0.5 lux for black and white video in night mode.

Enhanced with Auto Smart Shade Control, a new feature which adapts to changing lighting conditions, the new network cameras will analyse the brightness of the scene and automatically select the optimal exposure and darkness compensation level to ensure that subjects remain sharp and clearly visible even in backlit conditions or dark settings.


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