Bain & Company Acquires Max Kelsen Consulting


Bain & Company has acquired Max Kelsen’s consulting and managed services divisions.

Based in Australia and founded in 2015, Max Kelsen Consulting’s team of full stack ML engineers deliver ML systems, AI-powered applications, and advisory services.

Now, as one unified and integrated team under Bain’s Advanced Analytics Group (AAG), Max Kelsen Consulting and Bain will together help enterprises develop and operationalize high-impact AI and ML enabled use cases.

“We are delighted to welcome the Max Kelsen Consulting team to Bain, and to bring their industry-leading machine learning expertise to bear to deliver even more powerful solutions to our clients,” said Roy Singh, global head of Bain’s Advanced Analytics Group.

“We are seeing growing demand from clients for AI-related services and engineering capabilities that will enable them to be early movers in shaping how this generational shift in technology could transform their respective industries.”

“We are very excited about the quality of the Max Kelsen Consulting team and the innovative work they have done for clients in Australia and globally. This acquisition will strengthen the suite of AI and ML capabilities we offer to our clients regionally and globally,” said Richard Fleming, leader of Bain’s Advanced Analytics Group in Asia Pacific.

Max Kelsen has worked with Australian and global companies to build and deploy ML solutions including real-time prediction, forecasting, computer vision, industrial control optimization, robotics and more, as well as working with clients to establish best practice operational machine learning (MLOps) capabilities.

The company has served a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, and has partnered with market-leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

While Max Kelsen applies its ML and AI expertise across industries, such as mining, financial services and retail, the company has particularly deep experience serving the healthcare & life sciences sector.

“We are excited to join Bain at a time when businesses are starting to navigate the disruptions brought on by generative AI,” said Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry, co-founder and CEO of Max Kelsen.

“In a rapidly evolving business climate, companies that understand how to use these tools to their advantage will come out on top. By joining Bain, we are thrilled to be working with an even larger pool of global clients, and supporting Bain to build a robust global Center of Excellence for ML.”

Max Kelsen also operates a products division (SAVI Surgical and PROPeL Health AI) and a research division, which are not part of the acquisition by Bain.

Following the acquisition of Max Kelsen Consulting by Bain, these remaining divisions will operate independently under their individual brand names.


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