Bagira Systems to Supply and Operate the Simulator of the National CBRN Training Center for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence


Latest 3D Imagery Technology and Dynamic Event Simulation will Enable Extensive, Flexible and Easily Adopted Training for all Scenarios

Bagira CBRN NL Sigining

“Bagira CBRN NL Sigining”

Bagira Systems and Van Halteren Defence (VHD) have won the Netherlands’ Ministry of Defense tender to supply the simulator for their National Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) training center, and to maintain and operate it for a period of 15 years. The center provides education, training and support in the CBRN domain for military personnel and first responders. The system will simulate, teach and train for various CBRN scenarios, ensuring mission readiness of all trainees’ levels and responsibilities.

The new simulator is based on Bagira’s unique highly realistic B-ONE 3D imagery software, which is the engine and at the core of Bagira’s simulators. It includes various elements which together enable interactive training in a highly realistic and dynamic environment. With a special standardized skeleton and interchangeable animation, B-ONE flexibly, rapidly and accurately enables the creation and presentation of many different types of scenarios. By empowering the realistic nature of the simulated environment, B-ONE optimizes the training experience.

Bagira Systems CBRN Player

“Bagira Systems CBRN Player”

Using B-ONE the Bagira CBRN simulator realistically and dynamically simulates changing CBRN events, exercising all levels of command and all relevant functions involved to operate under changing conditions and environmentally effected situations.

Bagira’s simulation accurately monitors the positions of each trainee at their physical location within the training area, and follows up on the individual’s performance while identifying hazardous substances and reacting to changes at the scene and to threat evolvement. It allows after action review, feedback and lesson-learned assurance, and makes use of the latest versions of smart devices and applications for ease of operation.

“Awarded this project is yet another link in the Bagira’s strong chain of unique training and simulation capabilities, and is a testimony to our precise adaptation of solutions to customer’s needs”, says Yaron Mizrachi, Bagira’s General Manager. “This is the second system we shall supply to The Netherland’s Ministry of Defense, following the Joint Fires Training and Exercise System (JFTES) to be supplied in 2019. This further strengthens our bonds with a NATO member state”, he says. “Another bond reinforced by this project is the one between us and the country of The Netherlands, through the cooperation between Bagira Systems and the Dutch company Van Halteren Defence”.

Bagira Systems CBRN Event

“Bagira Systems CBRN Event”

Van Halteren Defence – a Dutch family business employing over 200 personnel supplies a wide range of high quality products and services to defence industries and governments around the world. The company makes on-going investments in new technology and constant product innovation. It has amassed extensive experience and expertise, which is utilized in the development of creative solutions to meet its continuous challenges. Van Halteren takes pride in its long-term relationships with its global network of customers and suppliers.

About Bagira Systems
Bagira Systems, a leader in the field of training and simulation systems, develops high-end, customized, cost-effective solutions for mission readiness. Operating since 1995, Bagira’s simulators have been used by over 700,000 soldiers worldwide. Providing complete and customized solutions, the company’s experienced specialists analyze the needs of each client, and assemble a team tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Upon project completion, a professional maintenance team takes over, delivering efficient field maintenance and exceptional support. Bagira implements a SAP-based management system and is ISO 9001 certified.


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