Australian Robotics and Manufacturing Hub Levels Data Field


ARM Hub has announced it will launch Data and AI-as-a-Service offering in 2024.

The Australian-based company will supply a scalable and secure data and AI infrastructure that is fully deployed in the cloud and can easily be used with minimal cost of ownership or maintenance expense.

With the rapid evolution of Generative AI, manufacturers and supply chain companies are seeking support to become expert users of data and AI technologies.

Speaking at the international ADIPEC 2023 Manufacturing and Industrialisation Strategic Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE ARM Hub CEO and Founder, Dr Cori Stewart, said a long-standing problem for its members has been the integration of diverse data sources into a singular platform to fully utilise the potential of data.

“Currently, it is a difficult process for companies to develop, operate, and maintain data management infrastructure, and can often be beyond the means of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and research programs to do alone.

“We believe that the optimal way to address data issues for SMEs is to provide data and AI-as-a-Service. By integrating diverse data sources into a single platform, companies can gain data-driven insights to optimise key business functions. Organisations able to implement effective chatbots to search company data, for example, will transition to become zero-waste-knowledge leaders in their field,” Dr Stewart said.

ARM Hub’s Data and AI-as-a-Service (which is only available to its members) will offer tailored AI tools such as chatbots, synthetic data generation and a range of bespoke applications.

The service-based model will host state-of-the-art infrastructure that is fully deployed in the cloud and will ensure data privacy and support companies to use data and AI responsibly.

“The truly scalable nature of our AI infrastructure will allow us to host data and provide services for multiple companies and research organisations, while keeping each organisation’s data and compute resources separate from one another,” Dr Stewart said.

Dr Stewart said the AI-as-a-Service model makes advanced data analytics and AI more accessible to organisations of all sizes.

“ARM Hub is all about bringing robotic and AI solutions to businesses to drive productivity, enhance competitiveness, and increase profitability,” Dr Stewart said.

“Companies can now tap into the power of their data to drive better business decisions without the cost and complexity of building an in-house data and AI platform.

“Recognising that machine learning, Generative AI and real-time data processing projects often have short lifespans and require continuous maintenance, ARM Hub is committed to supporting service users.

“ARM Hub will work with clients to develop machine learning, Generative AI (particularly LLMs) and real-time data batching and processing applications. We will also help address issues of data selection, data bias, data drift and data management,” concluded Dr Stewart.

ARM Hub is inviting companies to register their interest in the program here.


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