Apple’s New Generative AI Takes on Google and Microsoft


A GlobalData technology analyst says Apple is no longer playing catch-up in the world of artificial intelligence after the release of Apple Intelligence.

“The company is off to the races with its cheeky branding of ‘Apple Intelligence’ and a horde of on-device features, on par with Google and Microsoft in the generative AI arena,” said GlobalData’s Anisha Bhatia.

Apple will roll out its intelligence features systemwide and across its apps in iOS 18 for iPhones, iPadOS 18 for iPads and Mac Sequoia for Macbook.

“Apple’s AI aims to execute tasks without the need to switch between multiple apps and not just generating content,” said Bhatia. “This ability is the foundation of agent-centric devices like Rabbit’s R1 and Humane’s AI pin – both companies will be unable to compete against Apple’s deep pockets.”

“Siri will be Apple’s cornerstone with its personalized and contextualized AI experiences while ensuring sensitive information remains secure and on the device. Apple’s partnership with Open AI to integrate ChatGPT 4.0 into Siri confirms that AI execution will be a collaborative effort, not a one-company game.”

“Unlike its competitors, Apple has taken a consumer-friendly approach to explaining the benefits of AI, avoiding technical jargon,” added Bhatia. “The emphasis on on-device intelligence and Private Cloud Compute aligns with Apple’s narrative around privacy and transparency. Android rival Google’s marketing and messaging around AI has been scrambled at best.”


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