Antaira Technologies’ Industrial Serial Device Servers with Dual LAN


Antaira LogoAntaira Technologies is proud to introduce the advanced version STE-708 and STE-716 Industrial Serial Device Server series that encompasses device server network redundancy and zero data loss redundancy feature solutions.

Antaira Technologies’ new STE-7xx series is a 1U 19” rackmount type designed serial-to-Ethernet device server designed to transmit any standard serial RS232 or RS422/485 data through the ubiquitous TCP/IP Ethernet based network. This series comes with optional models supporting 8 (STE-708) or 16 (STE-716) serial COM ports with 2.5KV serial optical isolation protection for serial data. The new STE-708 and STE-716 are embedded with dual independent IP address LAN (10/100Tx) ports to support any mission critical application with built-in dual subnet mode to execute a data redundancy solution. The device servers can also be connected directly to a redundancy network infrastructure by accessing RSTP or ERPS ring protocol function.

Antaira ArticleAn LCM (Liquid Crystal Monitor) is installed on the front panel of the unit that can be used to display the unit information and perform basic configurations. This product series has different optional models to support 100~240VAC or 24/48VDC power input and each model version provides extended operating temperature support of -20° to 70° C.

The STE-708 and STE-716 series can be configured via a user-friendly web console, windows utility software, or Telnet command line through the serial console (RS232 DB9 male) port in front of the unit. The devices support a serial data throughput rate of up to 921.6Kbps, and serial operation modes with Virtual COM, TCP/UDP Server/Client, and Tunneling solutions. The built-in software features event and email alert settings that can be set up to send out alert emails if any particular event occurs. It also provides the data log settings for the system, COM, and event to the unit’s local flash or remote log servers. Furthermore, the advanced settings provide flexibility to setup each serial port’s TCP timeout interval and allow a user to change serial data packet transmission by time period or character type.

The STE-708 and STE-716 series has an IP30 rugged metal case design and is built to withstand industrial networking hazards like shock, drop, vibration, electromagnetic interference and temperature extremes (-20° to 70° C). The dimensions of the unit measure 436 mm x 43.5 mm x 200mm and the unit weight is 3200g (7.0lbs).

Today, many industries still have industrial or commercial serial devices with a typical serial copper cable un-networked in TCP/IP based Ethernet. Examples of these devices are PLC controllers, CNC controllers, sensors, meters, card readers, display signs, medical diagnostic equipment, security access controller, etc. Antaira industrial serial-to-Ethernet device servers provide an instant network enabled solution with the built-in ease of use software to allow users to have full capability to remote access, control, monitor, and manage field devices through the Ethernet network.

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