Airbus Partners with SELECTRIC for the Tactilon Agnet Solution


Airbus Secure Land Communications GmbH has partnered with SELECTRIC Nachrichten-Systeme GmbH.

The partnership brings together the expertise of Airbus as a technology player, providing strong development capabilities for Tactilon Agnet, and SELECTRIC.

The Airbus Tactilon Agnet application platform runs on standard smartphones as well as ruggedized devices, such as those offered by manufacturers like Zebra and Samsung, to meet increased deployment requirements and guarantee secure communications including strong end-to-end encryption complemented by multimedia features.

It offers user interface that focuses on instant group communication for voice, messaging, data and video. Via a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, all configured group members are quickly reached accordingly and enables professional collaboration in a group.

The messaging module allows sending image, text and video content to previously selected groups and also has a phone and video conferencing feature. It also offers the integration of external webcams in public places, whose videos can be forwarded to the control room or team members at the operational site.


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