AI to Overhaul Every Industry


Artificial intelligence-powered tutors for every child, state-of-the-art medical developments and the death of the call centre are among some of the ways AI will revolutionise every industry sector, a conference has been told.

Hosted by the WA Data Science Innovation Hub based at Curtin, the Data and AI for Business Conference and Exhibition is an annual conference of the brightest minds in data science that seeks to map the future of AI for businesses.

Among this year’s presenters included Western Australia’s Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy, the Honourable Stephen Dawson, Triple J presenter, mathematician and author Adam Spencer, Chief Scientist at and author Professor Toby Walsh and mathematician, data analyst and TV presenter Lily Serna.

WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director Mr Alex Jenkins said AI would cause significant disruptions and present unprecedented opportunities in every sector of the economy.

“I can not overstate the revolutionary power that artificial intelligence will have over every business across all industry sectors with AI estimated to contribute $22 trillion to global gross domestic product by 2030,” Mr Jenkins said.

“The AI era will herald an exciting opportunity to ensure every school student gets access to a world-class education regardless of their background or wealth and stands to revolutionise the way we offer healthcare and conduct medical research, improving the health outcomes of every Australian.

“The AI revolution is well underway, and businesses of all sizes are already seeing the benefits of integrating AI and data into their operations. It’s this type of technology that will transform every sector of our economy – and if your business, workplace or organisation isn’t thinking about how artificial intelligence can change the way you do things, you’re already on the backfoot.”

The theme of this year’s conference was exploring the artificial intelligence revolution with a focus on business competition as well as diversity and inclusion including neurodiversity in data science.

The WA Data Science Innovation Hub is a State Government initiative, supported by Curtin University, which aims to ensure WA remains at the forefront of the digital revolution by increasing the uptake, education, training and awareness of data science in Western Australia.


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