Agile business continuity now available for MSPs with new release of MAX Backup from MAXfocus


LogicNow LogoLogicNow has announced the launch of a new version of MAX Backup, its hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. MAX Backup v15.0 is part of MAXfocus, the world’s most widely trusted managed service provider (MSP) and IT support platform.

This major release allows MSPs to upgrade their customers from a “Backup as a Service” offering, to a full mission-critical “Disaster Recovery as a Service” solution. MAX Backup delivers the most up-to-the minute protection by backing-up 80% faster, and minimises time to recovery (TTR) by making standby images available in as little as 5 minutes after failure. This combination of best-in-class Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives puts MSPs in a position to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements with a single solution.

MAX Backup v15.0 builds on previous releases that focused on the efficiency of backup processes and real-time notification. The new release allows customers to use pay-per-use public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as recovery targets, reducing overall disaster recovery costs with a “Bring Your Public Cloud” model.

The new major features of MAX Backup v15.0 are:

  • Standby Image – By combining all the benefits of a granular, file-level backup with a full and quickly recoverable VM image, MAX Backup delivers a unique approach to business continuity and disaster recovery. This means our partners now have exceptional backup flexibility and rapid recovery all from one single product.
  • Backup Accelerator – Large databases, applications and files of 10s to 100s of gigabytes can be tricky to backup efficiently – much of the time used to backup such data is taken up simply determining what changes have been made in the files and require protection. Backup Accelerator reduces the backup “pre-processing” time through continuous monitoring of changes. Daily backups of these large files and databases are up to 80% faster with the new version of MAX Backup.
  • Cloud Recovery Targets – The update introduces two new Cloud Recovery Targets for our Virtual Disaster Recovery and Continuous Restore features. This will provides IT service providers with the opportunity to move from “Backup as a Service” to “Disaster Recovery as a Service” without the need for their own infrastructure, by using a bring-your-public-cloud (BYPC) model. The addition of Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 and Microsoft Azure support so that users can now specify these new remote cloud targets for recovery, or one of the existing local recovery targets (VMware vSphere, local VMDK or Microsoft Hyper-V).

“MSPs want to be able to provide more value to their customers. Backup can easily be seen as a business continuity box-ticking exercise – as long as everything is safe if the worst happens, then all is well,” said Chris Groot VP, Sales, MAX Backup & Recovery. “But we and the MSPs we work with know that with disaster recovery, the speed of backup and the speed of recovery is vital. The new features and new direction of MAX Backup v15.0 mean that MSPs can offer disaster recovery services where downtime will be measured in minutes rather than hours, positioning them as the best provider of this mission-critical service to their clients.”


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